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Cryptocurrency volatility has always been a major characteristics that most traders find beneficial while for others, it is observed as intensely inconvenient. The peculiar characteristics of price swings cannot allow cryptocurrency to be a perfect medium for payments and exchange, because it's price value is unpredictable and changes more than twice in a given month. Researchers have taken up action to develop creative means to handle this problem of volatility and a new kind of cryptocurrency named "STABLECOIN" was developed to be the solution desired by crypto traders.
Stablecoins are digital currencies utilized as means of exchange and store of value because it's value remains stable. Developed to be a cryptocurrency implies that stablecoin operates on a standard level that is not controlled by central authority, thus provides anonymity, security, decentralized features and efficiency coupled with low volatility characteristics of fiat money.
Despite stablecoin features of displaying characteristics pertaining to conventional cryptocurrencies, the price level of stablecoin won't be determined by abstract factors which leads to variability. Instead, stablecoins are pegged to rate and value of commodities with price stability such as gold , ore, silver and many more.
The benefits and increasing number of stablecoins continues to gain momentum and fame which serve as catalyst to maximize the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a medium of daily transactions and payment. Therefore, stablecoins helps traders and business owners to possibly avoid volatile market swings, mitigating risks that leads to loss of monetary value of users funds.
However, stablecoin has been shown to have some disadvantages which is unappealing to businesses and trading activities. Unlike convectional cryptocurrencies, stablecoins cannot be used as an investment asset because stablecoins are highly dependent on assets it is bonded to.
For example, an asset worth 50 USD purchased with stablecoin will remain 50 USD in the future. Another issue is trust, due to the nature of centralized banking system, most individuals believe that stablecoins pegged to fiat money cannot provide sufficient anonymity for their owners. These challenges have hindered the use of stablecoins by traders and business owners, thus Crypcore was developed to provide necessary solutions to the challenges faced by modern day stablecoins.

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Forked from Monero, Crypcore is designed on cryptographically secure and anonymous crytponote protocol, wherein Crypcore ecosystem integrates a reliable solvency equation, flexible cryptocurrency exchange and efficient crytponote protocol to build a coin with stable price.
The Crypcore stablecoin will not operate as a convectional cryptocurrency stablecoin but as a dynamic stablecoin which offers innovative means in securing price stability in mainstream markets.
Before going further, let me briefly explain about cryptonote protocol and solvency equation for benefits of those unaware.

Cryptonote protocol is developed as an application layer that handles issues related to Bitcoin protocol. It was first introduced in 2012, some famed coins such as bytecoin and Monero utilize it due to it's advantage of being more efficient than bitcoin protocol.
Cryptonote offers these coins benefit of providing more high level of privacy than other cryptocurrencies. Crypcore developers aims to provide more anonymity standards to their end users, which is why they leveraged the version of cryptonote protocol forked from Monero and therefore, possess features related to Monero in all aspects.

The solvency equation integrated into Crypcore exchange spearheads pricing of Crypcore units. Use of solvency equation ensures that Crypcore stablecoin (CRYP) will not be pegged unlike traditional cryptocurrency stablecoins, instead price of CRYP is regulated when Crypcore exchange utilize crypto collateral to process transactions which increases stability of CRYP and eliminates price swings.
Cryptonote protocol and solvency equation are important factors that helps to maintain growth of Crypcore ecosystem. The developers have also created other unique features to support the development of Crypcore which includes ; Crypcore mining, Crypcore wallet, Crypcore exchange and Crypcore blockchain.

Mainly consist of cryptonote protocol and block explorer. This two components of Crypcore blockchain provides low transaction fees, high speed, security and transparency for any type of transactions performed within Crypcore ecosystem.

Crypcore wallet is designed to be accessible and non-complex for easy understanding. The wallets are secure and developed with counter measures against hacks, thus competent for securing funds of users.


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The exchange serve an important role in regulating prices of CRYP. Using the exchange solvency equation as explained earlier coupled with fees charged within Crypcore exchange will be used in managing price of Crypcore stablecoin.
Fees acquired are used to increase collateral, then strategy of averaging is implemented which increases the value of CRYP to meet up with price swings, significantly provides good profit for owners. This implies that in contrast to conventional stablecoins, CRYP will be a good source of investment.
Crypcore exchange is created with high quality security systems to protect funds against frauds and hacks while debit card integrated feature will enable traders to purchase cryptocurrencies conveniently.

Crypcore ecosystem establishes more opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to benefit from advanced crypto trading included with issued dynamic stablecoin that gives out profit to holders, regardless of the market volatility.

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