ACEWINS : The New Blockchain Based Gambling Platform That Reward Users

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Today, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is widely adopted across many businesses and platforms. The gambling industry is no exception, as such several casino and gambling platforms are also exploiting full advantage of the benefits displayed by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. With complete integration of blockchain technology into online gambling, more limitless advantages emerge which eliminates some difficulties faced by the gambling industry, thus facilitates steady profit flow for the industry.


  • Security : Use of blockchain platform provides counter measures and protection against fraud and hacks. Therefore, gaming transactions, wins , losses and payouts recorded immutably on the blockchain eliminating loopholes for manipulation.

  • Trust and Transparency : Traditional casinos and gambling businesses are faced with significant problems of mistrust especially from customers. When blockchain is involved in gambling establishments, transparency becomes actualize which builds trust and removes interference for third party within the industry.

  • Anonymity : Normally, fiat money requires personal data from end users before executing certain transactions. Leverage of blockchain and cryptocurrency eliminates such requirements, hence creates more accessibility and easier methods of transactions coupled with fast payouts for players.
    In regard to this, some online gambling startups are accepting blockchain technology model into their establishment, which ensures that above listed benefits increases profit accrual and improves services rendered to their end users.

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ACEWINS is one of such online gambling establishment that integrates blockchain technology into it's company activities. ACEWINS developers created the platform to operate as Ethereum blockchain based and fully decentralized wagering solution that provides complete transparency, fairness and security to users.
Blockchain incorporation within ACEWINS platform enables provably fair gaming, minimizes transaction fees, protect funds of users regularly and promote transparency for transactions performed inside the platform. Moreover, ACEWINS developers doesn't plan to accumulate profit only for themselves instead, aims to provide genuine earning options for interested individuals. These options exist in form of Affiliated commissions, Multi level marketing, Casino investments and Dividends distribution to ACW token holders. Concerning the Dividend sharing, customers are entitled to the dividend pool reward by purchase and ownership of ACEWINS ERC20 standard token (ACW). Holders of ACW token are guaranteed of instant Dividends allocation up to 21% on monthly basis. ACEWINS developers implemented this strategy to help preserve the worth of ACW token for players and investors.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency and blockchain based gambling establishments are still in infancy stage, we can't undermine the benefits offered from this new trend in circulation. ACEWINS adopts same approach to ensure users are continually satisfied from their rendered services and without a doubt, generating profit to users via digitized gambling asset is unusual, but certainly a good strategy towards becoming a leading name in the online gambling space.

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