A Modern Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with Advanced Security

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Around the world, security has always been the main priority of cryptocurrency exchanges. The advancement in technology also facilitate rapid influx of sophisticated hackers and security breach tools , eventually leading to huge loss of traders funds in crypto trading platforms.
Thus, security breaches pose as a major challenge in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. Amanpuri exchange developers have incorporated adequate measures to ensure the launched digital assets trading platform operates at 100% efficiency while also safeguarding users funds from hacks or security failures. Amanpuri is integrated with a Multi-sig digital signature scheme included with two or more secret key necessary for remittance of VFA from a wallet address. This measures helps Amanpuri DLT based trading platform mitigates action of hacks.
Further steps in enhancing the security standard of the platform involves a cold wallet which curtail risk of hacks while withdrawal is restricted to once per day for each user. An algorithm randomly decide the time period where the withdrawal will be processed. Also, Amanpuri founders are negotiating with a major custodian ( Licensing Company of British FCA) to help manage customers funds separately. This strategy will completely protect user's assets indirectly with compensation.


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