AI to find Coronavirus cure

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First of all, a summary context is needed on the current situation with the virus that is hitting the world, the Coronavirus.

Knowing this, we proceed to explain the context, highlighting that it is a virus that has animal origin, it is suspected that it comes from bat soup. This is a virus that is transmitted through the air and is highly contagious. Among its symptoms is mainly a very high fever, nausea, limb pain and respiratory problems.

However, there are two important issues about the virus, which can be handled by Artificial Intelligence. We mean that, like the viruses of past years, such as the "Swine Flu" or "Avian Flu", these are viruses that are constantly mutating.

Therefore, there is no direct cure for the virus, with symptomatic treatment. This means that each symptom should be treated as it manifests. In addition, we highlight that it is curable eventually, there are already healed cases; However, if left untreated, it can become deadly.

Dr. IA

It is at this point that AI can support the treatment of people suffering from Coronavirus, since it can now outperform people's abilities. With the implementation of these platforms the virus can be attacked by two main areas.

First with its analysis before evolving, even with the possibility of predicting what will evolve, allowing to facilitate the creation of a cure. This AI application is being carried out in the United Kingdom by Benevolent AI people, studying the virus with its unique platforms.

It should be noted that their advances were published in the “The Lancet” media, highlighting that their focus is currently on testing existing medications and their effectiveness.

The second area to be manipulated has a more direct impact, however more complex. Insilico Medicine people plan to use their AI to design a new drug that completely cures Coronavirus. The idea is to combine a series of molecules that are capable of fighting the virus, even if it evolves. It is said to be more complex because they skip the direct understanding of the virus, using AI to simulate possible cases based on current information.

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