The “Curse” of the Minnesota Vikings – the Invisible Force

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The human animal is unique in how its mind can color his/her world. We characterize others. We concern ourselves about the future and hold onto the past. We interpret events. We “have a feeling” about something. We “just knew” that was going to happen. We can envision and set an intention for the day.

All this colors our reality.
Might it also alter it?

One famous study revealed how people who imagined themselves shooting successful free throws did as well as those who actually practiced:

Do such unseen influences help explain how sometimes certain things are, as we say, “cursed?”

We don’t mean a literal curse (though sometimes an element of lore does go along with them). We mean a place, a person, or an entity of some kind repeatedly having bad things happen to them—beyond that which would seem just random.

Enter the Minnesota Vikings.


It’s not that they’re always bad like some franchises. In fact, that they are often a good team makes their heartbreaking, head-scratching, rug-pulled-out-from-beneath-you losses all the more dramatic—and inexplicable in their regularity. As such, they are a fascinating case-study in how that “something extra”, that “X-Factor”, that “curse” (or "blessing" for those who always seem to win) shapes the events of our lives.

I’m thinking about creating a video on the topic, in which I'll lay out all these uncanny losses.

In the meantime, what do you think about this idea in general?

I think there’s something to it.

Individual players can choke. Teams can choke. But a franchise? Over the decades?

What's in the water in Minnesota?
Is it the culture and fans' expectations of losing?
How can a coach or player overcome it?

The Vikings have been blessed with literally the best players in the league--and sometimes the best teams. None of them have been able to cut through it.


And here's the video: