Today is a good day! ZERO new coronavirus cases in Taiwan

in #hope2 years ago

Yeah! that's for the first time in 36 days, Taiwan's CECC reports no new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus. Great news! But of course we should not relax just yet, this is far from over ...

The vast majority of cases reported over this period were imported from other countries (338 out of 393) as our citizens came back from hot zones in Europe, Asia, and North America. The locals have been worrying that these imported cases would bring a second wave of domestic infections. Now it seems we are doing okay.


COVID-19 has taken more than one hundred thousand lives all over the world. That's a terrible and shocking number really.

I hope from this day on, we can see an improving trend speeding up in every countries in the world. We need our normal life back and we have learned our lessons.

Zero is the new beginning.

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