Turing our family courtyard into a food paradise

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In the last few weeks I have created 35 spaces for plants using upcycled water bottles in the south facing corner of our courtyard, on walls which were previously being used for nothing at all.


The rest of the patio is still taking shape as I am working with the sun, tending first to the areas which get the most, always making sure to use recycled plastic from our everyday life, ideally multiple times in multiple ways.

For example I used a bunch of different bottles (cut in half) for sprouting onions & garlic a month ago...


Not wanting to throw them away I have turned them all into 'hanging baskets'.


Here you can see how the sun penetrates into just one part of the courtyard at this time of year.


Our banana trees haven't looked the same since that snow & intense rain a month ago. Am certain they had never experienced snow before this moment.


I say blame it on global warming ;)


We have been really enjoying the 'grow table' next to the front door, in which we put shallots, radishes and edible flowers at the front.

As you can see, the kids' first ever row of radishes didn't go all that well, with quite a few gaps in there, but that's what this table is all about! Learning something important the fun way.

This is Esteban & Luna one month ago.


Today I started filling up the pro system with spinach, lettuce and herbs, leaving the outer pots for strawberries which we have pre-ordered from a local organic producer.


Current ground action includes:

These sweet peas which I intend to grow up a wall.


These potatoes which today I filled up with a bit more soil and rolled the container sides upward. I will continue adding soil in this manner till I can roll the container sides up no more. Great design.


These broad beans made their appearance a few days ago. Don't they look beauitful?


Very excited too about these nine lemon trees which will stay in pots till we have land for them to grow their roots into. My vitamin C buddies :)


The small piece of land we do have is just a temporary playground, developing at its own pace, a five minute walk from our home.

Screen Shot 20200225 at 18.59.18.png

A few days ago we bought a trampoline for the kids and I feel such a sense of satisfaction watching them enjoy it.

Screen Shot 20200225 at 19.00.14.png

Money well spent.

Screen Shot 20200225 at 19.01.01.png

Unlike the bottle project which was time well spent.


Over and out for now.

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Such an inspiration brother! Resteemed!

Am pleased you saw this one! Feels great to be doing the things we love most, all the while injecting our creativity into it. Something you do rather well ;)

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Great stuff Alex! Thanks for gently easing me into the new thing around here :)

Now that I understand how it works I will be sure to use it. Does it matter that I've posted this here already? Can I still post to your community?

its too late to post this one on the community unless u cross post it.. which is basically a repost ...

I will post the next one in the correct way. Something tells me there will plenty of posts like this one over the course of the year ;)

theres only one thing i have to say.. THATS the way to do it!!!

Am pleased you enjoyed. I have a few more bottle/plant pot tricks up my sleeve still...

That is really beautiful work with all the plants. I can still feel the love that went into it on the other side of the world.

Indeed there was a lot of love :)

Watching them grow I feel something similar to watching my children grow. Very satisfying it is!

Beautiful work man, everything is looking great! Congratulations!


Thanks! Am loving this new journey of eco-growth :)

You've really done some good things with your little garden space so far!

Appreciate your comment. Looking forward to converting every last bit of space around here ;)

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