Converting available wall space into herb & veg garden

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I recently bought a 42 piece professional wall garden and finally got round to installing it yesterday, using two old palettes to safely attach them to the wall. It took much longer than expected but we got there in the end.

Here you can see Esteban (my trading genius) posing with his latest Bitcoin prediction in front of it. In case you are wondering, his new chart shows Bitcoin's parabolic trajectory up to the $100,000 mark. He was very clear about this figure!

I like this potting system because it is all connected and all we have to do is water the top level and it will filter down through the others and into the grow table under it.

24 pieces were used to create a vertical alignment next to our front door, as you can see above.

The other 18 pieces were used to create a horizontal alignment with the intention of adding further plants into the top of the palette.


That last bit of palette at the bottom we are going to use on the ground, boarded up and full of soil.

Each pot has a little reservoir at the bottom, which is useful because the sun gets very hot here in the summer and I think the plants will need this.


The Sam Version!

Inspired by my new investment I set about creating something similar.


Okay, mine are not expected to last any longer than a few seasons but unlike their rather expensive brothers, these babies are free because we produce around 10 plastic water bottles a week.

Finally I can see their greater purpose & value!


The bottles at the top will be used to feed each column.


Fill these up through the hole in the top and the pin prick in the bottle top will drip feed the rest over the course of around 30mins.

For now my plants are small but in time they will completely fill this space.


And we will eat them all Summer!

We currently have a total of 51 places for plants on our south facing wall and as you can see I am busy planting seeds in preparation for this.


If I use all the wall space in our courtyard (which I intend to) we will have room for at least another 100 plants.

And by the way, I will also be using some of the available floor space for plants which require bigger pots. Specifically potatoes, carrots, radishes, onion, garlic, shallots and ginger.


Had never used these material pots before and I love them!

I particularly enjoy the convenient access flap for the carrots & potatoes.


We also have a large allotment which I am yet to show you, so I feel confident now that we will easily reach our target of eating 50% home grown produce by the end of the year. This is more an exercise in learning than anything else, but if it all goes well we will be handing out a lot of food to our friends & family here later this year :)

I will be sure to keep you informed on how everything progresses!


Who is @samstonehill?

He was a London based filmmaker until he sold everything and set out on a barefoot journey around the world, currently based in the south of France.

He is travelling with his partner & two children and with no bank account he has been living on crypto for over two years.

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Neat set up. Looks like you will be producing quite a bit.

Are you free of frost risk now where you are, or do you cover at night?

We have the chance of late frost even until mid April here, which caught me out last year. Been fleecing up this year.

Yes, we are still getting frosts and the locals tell me this can last till April. I cover them when this happens, though I think we are relatively protected in our little courtyard. And I would imaging our house gives off a little heat for the new wall garden :)

Was working on the allotment today, mapping out what will go where. So excited!

Have fun on the allotment. Are the children getting involved?

Not much for now. They are still exploring their new kingdom ;)

There will be plenty of growing time...

I cut up some juice bottles 3 years ago [ oh man ], maybe this is the year I do something with them.

Yes yes yes! There are so many reasons why we should all look to grow our own food at this time. I'm not gonna go into them, but I really do think you should follow up on this :)

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - What a lovely set up there! I'm glad you chose to do some DIY and Upcycle your water bottles - perfect for your vertical garden! Looks like you are well on your way to having an abundance of home grown produce - congratulations and thank-you for sharing!

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Upcycle! What a great word ;)

Yes, I am seriously pumped about this mission ahead of us. We collected a bunch of drift wood from our local reservoir today so that we can start diving up & mapping out our allotment. Feels like I am finally doing what I was meant to do all my life! Many thanks for the support :)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thanks buddy! Sending you some hugz from france :)

Hello Sam, I had no idea that you were on Steemit ~ Have some $trdo to make your garden grow :)

Thanks Andy! Yes, this is where it all began for me, crypto wise.

And there's no way I could ever leave this place behind now ;)

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