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RE: Converting available wall space into herb & veg garden

in #homesteading2 years ago

Neat set up. Looks like you will be producing quite a bit.

Are you free of frost risk now where you are, or do you cover at night?

We have the chance of late frost even until mid April here, which caught me out last year. Been fleecing up this year.


Yes, we are still getting frosts and the locals tell me this can last till April. I cover them when this happens, though I think we are relatively protected in our little courtyard. And I would imaging our house gives off a little heat for the new wall garden :)

Was working on the allotment today, mapping out what will go where. So excited!

Have fun on the allotment. Are the children getting involved?

Not much for now. They are still exploring their new kingdom ;)

There will be plenty of growing time...