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RE: My first steps into chainsaw milling!

in #homesteading8 months ago

There are several companies that create portable saw mills. It appears that the mills have the ability to create a variety of commercial grade lumber products.

You mentioned that the wood from the lumber yards have been going up in price. I think it would be possible for individuals and small groups to create a profitable business turning local wood into lumber. There are still a few people in this world willing to pay a premium for local products.

Wood Mizer has been making portable mills since 1982.

Woodland Mills has a lower cost mill.


I do know both mills they require quite some space and you need hundreds of logs to make it worth the time and space :)
The thing with those mills are you cant bring it to the log, so you need to be able to move the log. That's not always possible because of cost, mud, single tree in middle of field, someones backyard, mountain area etc.

Alaskan sawmill or the beam machine are similar products portable by hand.

The mills I examined were quite expensive. They also assume that the mill operators would buy expensive trucks to tow the mills. Their sites show a $10K mill towed by a $80K truck.

Portable wood mills is a new industry. I would not be suprised to find entrepreneurs who could make better, lighter and more portable designs.

Good luck.


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