Sneakpeak of me making a bed

in #homesteading9 months ago

Im making a bed for my renovated apartment. To do this i can finally play again with my industrial thicknesser its a 1000kg beast that can eat 60cm wide planks!

I litterally made it out of trees from my own property if you like this stuff upvote it and tell me what you wanna know!


Jaroma industrial thicknesser


Put the headboard in today and sanded most to #100. I used this time only woodglue End grain to normal grain, internet says it should be fine. If not i use dowels to fix it

looking impressive.. Is it done would love to see the finished product. cheers

Soon needs some lacquer, sanding and then moving it to the big city krakow :)

!1UP That's what I call "Do it yourself", congratulations on the dedication to making your own bed!

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