Yay! Wood is cut!

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4 trees are now cut down to fireplace sized logs. 1 has been split and stacked with about half another. It has taken me a while to get it done fir (pun intended) a few reasons.

The biggest and most egregious of my excuses is that I have been an idiot with my chain sharpening. I neglected to remember to file the depth gauge down which meant my saw cut smaller, and smaller, and smaller chips of wood. This made me work many times harder and longer than any SANE person would have.

At times I do question my sanity when I discover my moronic mistakes like this. At least I have learned from this massive fuck up and am far better at sharpening now. After screwing up a sharpening yesterday I spent time today on a Husky chain. This one finally cut correctly, fast, and only had a problem once one side got dulled over the other.

I piled the branches from the one tree I have split and stacked and will burn the piles this week. I have to move all the rounds but will probably use my truck and trailer to move them into the yard by the wood pile. I am stupid sore and am not sure how much more splitting I can do anytime soon. At least until I get my elbow looked at.

I have one tree left to finish cutting up but it is mostly done. I am figuring we will have about 4 cords of wood put up for winter.


It's even been breathing hard, sweating all over the place, and is nearing blowing white stuff all over us.

Make sure you have wood. Lots of wood!

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