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It only takes me a little too long to rectify my rectal cranial inversion most times, but this is an instance where I headed it off before full insertion. I had been splitting the rounds where I cut them, then tossing the wood into the bed of my truck, hauling it into the yard, emptying the truck, then stacking the wood. Now I have woken up and remembered that my trailer sits lower and my ramp works perfect to roll the rounds up.

The ramp works perfect for both loading and unloading the rounds. A good push and the rounds roll out away from the trailer. The rounds are now next to the wood pile so when I split them it is only feet away to stack.

The 2 Fir trees have been moved and now the Pine trees are next. I may need to split and stack the Fir before moving the Pine so there is enough room. Hopefully my elbow is able to handle the splitting.

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Rectal cranial inversion... Priceless!

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One of my favorite sayings!

It does seem to be less handling this way.
I used to split the really big stuff where it was cut down just to be able to get it out of the woods. If you can get close enough to the big chunks with the trailer, it makes more sense to do what you're doing here.

With the trees in the yard I am able to use my trailer. The trees on the hillside get cut then the rounds rolled down hill. Everything aims at or towards the house so I can just let them roll and gather.

This helps a ton to not have to move the wood multiple more times.

Good idea!

Splitting wood is one of those things that is better left to one's self. The fact of the matter is that it takes so much handling to deal with it. At a minimum, you cut the tree, cut the rounds, if you're lucky, split the rounds right there, load the firewood, unload the firewood, stack the firewood, haul the firewood into the house and then burn the firewood. It's about the most inefficient thing done on a homestead, yet it is so rewarding. So, any chance you get to make that task simpler is a life saver and I applaud you for always trying to make it easier.

It really is inefficient but seriously satisfying and a really solid work out. Granted I have the tendency to push myself a bit too hard but there is a certain feeling of accomplishment that happens when standing in front of a nicely stacked pile of firewood that few other things can match. I find that life is a constant process of consolidating effort into the most effective and timely way possible.

But it's more efficient than buying preformed fake logs which had to be shipped hundreds of miles... :-)

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