The tools of my pleasure/pain

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These are the tools with which I abuse myself. Though can one consider it abuse when I am willing?

Both of my splitting mauls are antique heads. I can't even guess at an age, they are just old. You can tell they are old by their shape, weight, and abuse level. My primary, the one on the left, received a new handle a couple weeks ago and today the right one got its new stick.

SFC Inc likely stands for Sumitomo Forestry Co out of Japan. The nicer of the 2 maul heads has markings while my primary is devoid of any markings. The only references I find online is regarding Sumitomo.

I gave it a hit with the wire wheel to expose the markings better.

My main splitting wedges in all their glory. The top one is a newer US made, the longest is not marked, and the middle is a Weco 5lb Japanese forged wedge. My primary is the longest as it gives the best penetration bit I regularly stack them in tough splitting wood.

My primary on the right has an issue I've been meaning to remedy so I don't hurt myself. As a kid while splitting wood with a wedge and sledge I hit the mushroomed head of the wedge on the edge and a piece of metal shot into my shin, hit the bone, and traveled up a bit. Not something I want to recreate!

Rubber guards are WELL worth the cost when the save the handle from a potentially devastating impact. I am now using them after having snapped my primaries handle after FAR too many misses or off hits chunked the handle.

At the store this morning I saw the Stihl brand of splitting maul (6lb) costs $100!?! Seriously what the hell??

I will take my antiques any day!

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It took me a while to figure out the first picture. I swear I thought they were large structures used to do dips xD

I dig the tools, thanks for sharing that :)

@flemingfarm, whenever i see these kind of Tools something talk to my innerself like human beings are created to do natural and field work, but now many are slowly turning into machines. Stay blessed.

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Part of what drives me! The act of physical labor is a true feeling of being human. My world revolves around the physical actions.

Great to read these words. Have a joyful time ahead.

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