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RE: Turing our family courtyard into a food paradise

in #homesteading2 years ago

also worth mentioning, with the new community things going on. its really worth posting to one of the communities.. this post could be posted to ecoTrain, NaturalMedicine, or another homesteading community..

here;s some links to the two of the community pages

You find more in the communities tab..

The only other thing you need to know is if you post to any community, you need to SHARE THE POST to your blog, else it wont show up on your feed.


Great stuff Alex! Thanks for gently easing me into the new thing around here :)

Now that I understand how it works I will be sure to use it. Does it matter that I've posted this here already? Can I still post to your community?

its too late to post this one on the community unless u cross post it.. which is basically a repost ...

I will post the next one in the correct way. Something tells me there will plenty of posts like this one over the course of the year ;)