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RE: Interesting Internals of Trees

in #homesteading2 years ago (edited)

I hate splitting fir, it's a royal pain. This one doesn't look like it was much fun either. Can I ask what do you use a maul? Or an ax? Those are some hefty pieces you got there!


I have an easier time with fir over the pine. Mostly since my fir have pretty nice straight grains so they split quite easily. The ponderosa pines here have a grain that doesn't split so easily. At least by hand.

My maul is my precious. It was left with the other tools from the prior owner when we bought our place a decade ago. It is an antique 8 pound head that I recently broke the original handle off of, so replaced with a new handle and rubber guard.

(will post this morning about my baby.)

I also have a whole heap of metal splitting wedges of various shapes and sizes. I tend to not need them most times but am damned glad to have them when I do!