Halloween and Transformations, Learning Log

Today is Monday September 27, 2021.


We are studying matter. Matter is anything that takes up space. Matter exists in three states - solid liquid and gas.

Weight is the measure of the effect gravity has on mass; so if a force acts against gravity or the amount of gravity changes weight changes but mass does not.


Yesterday it was rainy and so we went walking in Stanley Park. I learnt about the seven sisters. It used to be stand off old growth trees but now its just big stumps. There are trees that are more then 600 years old in Stanley Park.

On the weekend it was nice. Me and my mom scootered out to Broadway to go to the Halloween store. The Halloween store was excellent this year.


In Math, we finished studying triangles and started transformations. A translation is a transformation that moves a figure to a new position. The figure does not change its size shape or orientation.

We are still reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel. We are on page 139.