Forces, Percentages, and a Lost Dog, Homeschooling Learning Log

Today is November 24th, 2021.

A few days ago, we found someone's lost dog. Her name was Honey. My mom and I went to the pet stores to find her owner. We also went to Barclay Square. A jogger came up to us and showed a poster of honey. We actually knew her owner. We used to pet his old dog.


In Science, we have been studying energy.

(The following is taken from the Complete Canadian Curriculum)

Conservation of Energy

The energy that we use comes from various places and is either renewable or non renewable. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, rather it takes on other forms.

The Wise Use of Energy

We must use energy wisely, as our non renewable sources which we rely on so heavily will not last forever Everyone can do a little more to conserve energy.

Forces and Structures

Many different types of forces act upon structures. Most structures must be able to withstand two common types of forces, compression and tension.

  • A sliding force is called shearing.

  • A twisting force is torsion.

  • A stretching force is a tension.

  • A squeezing force is a compression

  • A bending force is a bending.

Forces and Mechanical Advantage.

Changing something in a simple machine can sometimes change the amount of force needed to move or lift an object (like adding a fulcrum, a brace, or a pulley.)

In Math, we have been studying ratios and percentage.

Words unless otherwise noted are my own. Image is my own.