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The Periodic Table


The Periodic Table was created by the by the Russian scientist, Mendeleev, in 1869. It charts all the known elements in the universe. They are listed in atomic number order, with both there symbol and name. There are seven rows and eighteen columns. Some columns also have names.

  • The first column are the alkali metals.
  • The second column are the alkaline earth metals
  • The transition metals are in the middle.
  • Then there are the basic metals and semi metals
  • Then come the non metals
  • The halogens are in the seventeenth column
  • The Noble gases are in the eighteenth column
  • The Lanthanide Series and Actinide metals are on the bottom

I found this song online. It’s helpful.

I also watched this video. It said the naturally occurring is Uranium with the atomic number 92. Those with an atomic number above 92 were manmade.



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