Inflation and Environmental Stewardship, Homeschooling Blog, Grade 7


When the price of anything gets bigger, it is inflation. When the price of just about everything increases, that is national inflation. You can buy less with each dollar. Purchasing power goes down, unless you also make more money. Unless wages keep up with inflation, people become more poor. Inflation is when money loses value. If supply goes down and demand goes up, prices will go up too. If supply goes up, prices go down. Prices can also rise if the cost of production and raw materials rise.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship is the things we can do to protect and improve our natural environment. It is about taking care of the Earth. Someone who litters, for example, is not a good environmental steward. Someone who picks up litter, like my Mom and I do, along the shoreline are being good environmental stewards. Environmental stewards can work as individuals or in groups.

I am an environmental steward doer. I recycle, compost, and walk just about everywhere. When I I don’t walk, I scoot or take the bus. I use a reusable bottle for water. We rent an apartment and so don’t control our appliances but we only live in a few rooms and not a big house. Most of our food comes from just outside the lower mainland or maybe Alberta. I also pickup trash on the beach.