Mini Lathe Amateur, Episode 7, Cutting a Bevel

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Hello, hivers! Welcome to my page!

I have another episode of mini lathe amateur for you for this week. In this episode, I talk about, and show you the process of cutting a shallow angle bevel on the back of a miniature railroad wheel.

For these wheels, I'm following the I.B.L.S. standards for railroad wheels for 1 inch scale, or 1/12 scale, for 4-3/4 inch gauge track. The standards call for a bevel of not less than 10 degrees on both sides of the wheel flange. This bevel helps to keep the wheels from climbing over the rail on curves or through turnouts.

Here is the video. It's about 12 and a half minutes long.

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Very cool metal lathe. I have used a wood lathe with what is known as a coppykatter. If you are doing a lot of the same shape, you just lock in the prototype and use it as a guide to duplicate as many pieces as you need.
The metal you're turning on the lathe , is it aluminum?
Anything to do with tools I'm in, I really enjoyed the video.
The pieces you're making, what are they for.

Yes, the piece that I'm turning is aluminum. I'm making miniature railroad wheels for a scale model of a railroad car that I'm building. The car is a model of a narrow gauge caboose.
The lathe has a short bed so I'm limited on how long of a piece that I can work on, but other than that, it's a pretty nice lathe.

I can't wait to see the finished product.