Mini Lathe Amateur, Episode 6, the Quick Change Tool Holder

in #hobbies2 years ago

Hello, hivers!Welcome to my page!

For today's post, I'd like to bring you another episode of my on-going video series, Mini Lathe Amateur. I call it that because I'm an amateur machinist, I have no training, I'm just learning as I go.

In this episode, I talk about the new quick change tool post and tool holders that I recently bought for my mini lathe. The quick change tool post makes it a lot easier and faster to change bits when working on a piece of metal, It's not unusual to use several differently shaped bits while working on different steps in the cutting process. The quick change tool post also makes adjusting the cutting tools to the center of cut easier.

Here is my video. This one runs just under 15 minutes.

Thanks for stopping by to check out this video!



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