Mini Lathe Amateur, Episode 5

in #hobbies2 years ago

Hello, hivers! Welcome to my page!

For today's post, I'd like to bring you another episode of my on going video series, Mini Lathe Amateur. I call it that because I have no training as a machinist, I'm learning as I go.

In this episode, I show the process of facing a piece that I'm working on, using a faceplate instead of a chuck. The work piece is a miniature railroad wheel that I'm turning on the lathe. These wheels are being made from 4 inch diameter half inch thick aluminum disks. I can't use the 3 inch chuck to hold the disk because it won't hold anything that big. I would need a 5 inch chuck to hold something that's 4 inches in diameter.

Using a faceplate is an older way of doing this kind of job, but it still works quite well. It just takes a bit more effort to center the piece that's being worked on.

Here is the video. It's about 9 and a half minutes long.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my video!