Mini Lathe Amateur, Episode 3

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Hello, hivers! Welcome to my page!

I'm back with my third episode of Mini Lathe Amateur, my on-going series about my Harbor Freight 7X10 mini lathe. This lathe, and most of the others like it are made in China. The quality of these lathes seems to be pretty good, for the most part.

In this episode, I talk about buying a 6 inch faceplate for the lathe to replace the 3 inch chuck. I bought the faceplate to do some work that I can't do with the 3 inch chuck because the chuck is too small to hold the pieces that I wanted to work on. The faceplate can also be used to hold odd shaped pieces that the chuck won't hold.

I tried to mount the faceplate onto an adaptor that I could hold in the chuck with the other set of chuck jaws. That idea ended up not working out the way that I had hoped.

Here's the video, it's about 18 minutes long in total.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my video! I hope you find it to be interesting!



This brings back memories. My dad had a lathe when I was a kid. Not a mini like this one but a lathe all the same. I remember making a bunch of candlesticks with it that we sold for a little money at some little flea market. And then we also made some to donate at our church for a little fundraiser they had there. The only real use I can remember getting out of it was that we made all the posts for the new deck we put on. Man, it's been a long time since I thought of that stuff. Thank you very much for posting this and bringing back good memories. Of course, ours was for wood too. But, same concept. :-)

Thanks for the comment!😀