Mini Lathe Amateur, Episode 11, The New 4 Inch Chuck

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Hello, hivers!

Here's a new episode of Mini Lathe Amateur!

In this episode, I talk about the new lathe chuck that I just got. I've been wanting to get a larger chuck for the lathe, but they've been out of stock where I buy most of my lathe stuff since last spring. They finally got their shipment and had them available on their website, so I bought one.

The lathe comes with a 3 inch chuck when you buy it, but a 3 inch chuck is not large enough to hold the size of raw stock that I would need for some of the projects that I want to do. The 4 inch chuck will hold larger diameter material, which makes it easier to make a few things.

The 4 inch lathe chuck needs an adapter to be able to be mounted on my small 7X10 lathe, and this chuck comes with the adapter.

Here's the video.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my lathe video!
I hope you found it interesting!