Mini Lathe Amateur, Episode 10, Drilling Center Holes

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Hello, hivers!

This is the first post about my work on my metal working lathe since April 28. If you would like to read that post, it's at this link.

I haven't done much at all with the lathe since the weather got warmer, I've been busy with other projects all summer. I finally got back to the main project that I was working on last spring on the lathe, the miniature railroad wheels that I've been making. These wheels aren't for my garden railroad, they're for a miniature railroad car that I've been making for one of my other projects.

In this episode of mini lathe amateur, I'll be showing how I'm drilling out the center hole in the wheels for the axles. The reason that I'm drilling them out a bit larger is to make the holes all the same size. That makes it easier to make the axles that these wheels will be fitted onto.

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I like the lathe. Once I started making one and ended up using the base and all the parts for another project. But I still need to make one.

Thanks! This lathe didn't cost as much as the bigger ones do, so I was able to buy it.
If you want a wood lathe, that would be easier to make than a metal lathe, and the cost a bit less if you buy one.

That's cool. Yes, I'd like a wood lathe, but still don't have material to make it. One day though. 😄

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