Who are your top3 witness?

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It's been a long time since my last post so I decided to reboot my writing initiative. This time it's not exactly a contest and I hope to do this every week with something new and experimental ideas.

As you know that Witnesses are the gatekeepers of Hive blockchain. There are 20 concensus witness and we also have many backup witnesses. They performed a crucial role in foundation of Hive blockchain and most of them work behind the scenes to keep the blockchain running in smooth state.

How to participate

Make a post about your best 3 witnesses and why you vote for them?
I am expecting a little detail about all 3 of them which eventually made you vote for them. There can be max 30 witness on your list but I want you to choose your favourite top 3.

Furthermore, I would like to know what is your basic critieria to vote for any witness. Do you regularly change your witness votes according to your defined factors? If you are following proxy then do state the reason for following any specific person and trusting them with your vote?

You just to have to use #hivewitness tag in your post.

All the good posts who participate in this initiative will possibly receieve some support from @appreciator. I would like to explicitly state that support is not warranted and nobody is entitled to receive any guranteed support.

Credit: @doze


Hi there!
Nice initiative!
Anyway I will not participate because I don't have 3 top Witnesses, I have 30, all are active and have is role on chain. Reducing the number of votes in Witnesses was a trend few months ago and I agree with the arguments of, but actually if I could vote in 40, all was my top Witnesses.
I can not choose 3, sorry :)

I see choosing top 3 from your top 30 is difficult to do so

It is quite funny. Isn't it 😂😂😂

No @starstrings01 that isn’t funny the fact that you only have one, is bad. Educate yourself, you are onboarding so make sure you know the essentials!!! I said it before and I will say it again.

Smile.. you always seem to find me anywhere I am. Yeah I would educate myself about it.

What amused me was not being able to choose top 3 from 30 witnesses.

That’s dead serious your 30 need all be important , nd yes I see a lot, not always handy

Okay.. I would try to gather knowledge on this witness and I think I would learn from reading the entries of others to this.

@doze @bluemist it is, and I totally agree but this blog possible will raise awareness, although mentioning a vote by @appreciator will attrack all

Love it!

I am a little overdue for my periodic witness review. Such a good habit to get into as things change and it is another easy way to be an active and contributing community member.

Lemme get on that.


You are right, looking forward to see what you have to share

Unfortunately, I will be doing more consuming of the intelligence from the people in the know here.

Happy to learn from the folks who have a little more time to peel back the witness layers and share their knowledge.

What an interesting proposal to share ☺️

Thank you

You should make it more interesting by sharing your top 3 ☺️

But I have 30 and if I could vote on more I would 😊 what I should do?

This post is about choosing your best 3 from those 30

BUUUUT ! I think they are all active and have their role in the chain !!!!!!!!

Trust me on this, not all of them are active.
Many of them are just in hibernated state to enjoy automatic rewards for producing blocks.

Nice initiative bluemist ^^
It'd be nice to hear who are hivers' fave witnesses.

Thank you so much, I am also excited

How nice! It's a very good initiative. I would like to participate

Thank you, looking forward to see yours

Buena iniciativa. Me encantaría participar!

Gracias, estoy deseando que llegue.

Oh! It will be a lot of fun to be a part of this 🙌

I am sure, looking forward to it

Wonderful time to entry to this


How well I love this proposal.!

Thank you!

For the first time I see something to talk about our witness. I will share my post soon. Thanks for this nice initiative.

You are welcome, looking forward to it.

Hi @bluemist

Here is my post for this initiative. Hope I am not late to submit. Thanks.


I love the idea of ​​the initiative, but more the fact that you have decided to write. It is always nice to be able to connect in some way with the people who are part of our life. A hug

I'll try to write more often, thanks

No one right now i got to use my votes

Do your own research before :)

and you will participate? I would like to know your favorites 😁

I will participate, I think it's a good idea to highlight the good work of the witnees

I want to know too👀!

Me too


First I would like to know about others first

I would have loved to participate but I still haven't understood all these witness stuff, I have only used a single vote on 3speak and nobody yet.

But I would love to read the criteria people use in choosing their witness. So it could help me in choosing mine.

You should try to know more about this stuff because as member of Hive community, its your responsbility.

que buena iniciativa esto le dará un impulso mas positivo a los usuarios para que voten por sus testigos y el porque lo hacen, excelente actividad amigo saludos

Muchas gracias

Obviously I'm going to participate💙, thank you @bluemist, you should write a little more on your blog. Always you have good ideas to share!

This is just a start, I'll try to write more often

I'm back with my post. I hope it could help many people that doesn't know yet what is a witness.

@starstring01 maybe you would like to read it❤️

It is a proposal for reflection! I think about it.🤔

Good to know

Hi, @bluemist! me complace saber esto, finalmente has creado una iniciativa de escritura! Recuerdo que fue una de mis preguntas realizadas durante la entrevista que sostuvimos con usted hace algún tiempo... Será grato suscribir mi participación, nos vemos pronto, saludos y suerte en sus proyectos.
Apoyo total

Gracias, espero ver su entrada

Interesting. I used theycallmedan's proxy when there was the issue for the dummy witnesses before the Hive hardfork, thought about changing it several times but didn't do it because most of the witnesses on that proxy are the ones to whom I am willing to vote for. Now, again, I am thinking to remove the proxy and change a couple of witness votes, I'll definitely share my thoughts.


Looking forward to see your post

Excellent, I sign up, from this moment I start to make my post, greetings dear @bluemist!

Thank you, looking forward to it

Una genial idea @bluemist, de esa manera podemos expresar el porqué de nuestras elecciones de witness

Gracias, leeré tu publicación pronto

Hi there old friend, I did so many DID YOU DO YOU WITNESS VOTES YET and there were always answers like all comments 2 or 3 exceptions, like here on the blog.some even have 0 votes for witnesses the REASON we / they all can blog here. Because you made it an contest and told they MIGHT GET AN APPRECIATOR VOTE well that rallies them all right here, saying I casted one vote , I have to know what are yours and so on.

So when it comes to earning votes and being on appreciator list that’s the time to think about the base we need, the fact people are there to make sure no blocks are mist, paying money to have set ups to be relaiable.
It 5 am and I am sad. Did we not educate enough. I know from experience that people don’t read, redfish but also minnows and dolphins, we all read what we want. But this is mandatory !! MAYBE I AM STRONG BECAUSE I WAS PART OF ONE BUT ....... YOU SHOULD ALL BE.

Back to the challenge ;
I HAVE 30 , I HAVE ALWAYS HAD. And many have casted 30 votes or looked at the witness list by someone they trust and made that there choice aswell.

30 witness votes not 5, not 7, not 27 .... 30 !!!!

Look up what is a witness and educate yourself or ask questions !

So my 30 are the votes I have for now, we all know that hive is new, so yes I can view again but September is the time to do that. The important thing is I have 30


Its good to see your perspective on this. I know most of users still don't know what witness stuff is all about but this post is not supposed to be tutorial on that but I am still happy to explain which I am already doing because I got lot of dms after this post.

This writing prop is not about casting witness votes, I want to know their potential reason behind it. Most of the users don't know who are they voting for because they see others voting any specific person and they just blindly follow it.

If I ask you to share contribution of those 30 witnesss directly/indirectly to Hive blockchain, will you be able to do that or some of them are just names to you? (Just Yes/No would suffice because I want to know that atleast self-aware user like you did her research before casting those votes)

I had a blog in my drafts about it maybe I will share it today. And yes I Offcourse can without nameting names that for me be would be the three active and engaging the most beside doing the blockwork.
And in DM I would say reply to the blog this is an interesting situation.

Good that you took up the baton and made the blog. But do you agree that some only come because the ( possible ) appreciator vote is there? Because why would you answer if you have 30 or 29 un casted votes ?

Looking forward to see what you have to share

Yes, I agree many people will be doing it to get votes but as I said earlier. I am going to READ those posts and then MANUALLY vote those posts/or not.

I am currently voting for 13 witnesses who I consider to be worthy, I'll vote more when I find anyone doing real direct/indirect contribution to Hive.

They all have a link, and the blog will be up asap and i will tag you in it

Hello @bluemist,

Receive first of all a cordial greeting, excellent initiative. Yesterday I wanted to participate and give my opinion about it, unfortunately, when I uploaded my post through # hive.blog, for some reason, which I still try to understand, it was hosted in the #onchainart community and added three additional tags. I thought this is crazy. I wanted to delete the post, but could not, create it again and upload it to my own blog. So I left a message at the end, apologizing to the #onchainart community manager, I felt great shame, sure, it was not voluntary. Today when I woke up, I saw that the referred post is hidden due to low grades despite having 0.15 reward, I suppose it is an action to hide the error.

I have a theory of what happened, and it has to do with the fact that in my old laptop from 2011, having several pages open from the browser and applications, the screen slows down and freezes, which is why it purged the memory to free space on the RAM. Perhaps this caused the failure. I do not know who to turn to report the strange behavior, if it happened to me, it can also happen to others.

On the other hand, I am thinking of re-uploading the aforementioned post, but I do not want to commit an act that could be considered abuse. In the end, being my small account I can go under the table.

Thanks for this great initiative, maybe it would be a good idea for the next challenge you launch, to talk about the proposals.


Hello @bluemist, receive a cordial greeting, excellent initiative. It's a great idea @bluemist, to tell a little about our witness choices.

Hola, recibe un cordial saludo. Es una estupenda idea @bluemist, para contar un poco sobre nuestras escogencias de witness.


Greetings, excellent initiative

The initiatives are always interesting and even more so when they make us think and study about the subject. The thought of choosing three witnesses, has filled my thoughts with many questions about why I placed the ones I have and if they truly represent what I want. Perhaps a controversial issue for some because they want to see the name of their favorite there or perhaps why they don't want to see the name of some. In the world's democracy and more so in the heart we all have favorites and not because of that we are enemies, I tell you that in my country there are two baseball teams, which are rivals and the fans much more, because my beloved wife is a fan of one team and I am the opposite. I believe that this question is for us to become aware and review who we vote for and not only the three we will choose as first. Thank you and happiness always.

Greetings, everybody
Important topic which most of us are still learning about. Here's my limited experience on the subject

Bello @bluemist I am delighted to participate in this initiative, here is my publication: https://peakd.com/hive-189306/@yolimarag/esp-ing-initiative-my-3-favorite-witnesses

Mr. Who is absent and suddenly causes a stir.

Many are eager to write about their witnesses, others are afraid of what will be said, others will write from ignorance. But most importantly, we all want to give our opinion

I really enjoyed a lot to do this video on @threespeak to talk about my top 3 Witnesses, thank you for this initiative, the people should know that we have a task within #HIVE to spend our votes on it.

Here's my post about it:

hello dear friend @bluemist good night
It's good to see you write, I hope you do it more often.
What good topics that motivate us to develop, they are very important and very little is said about them.
Without a doubt I will prepare something to accompany your invitation
Have a happy start to the week

I will love to participate in this even though I almost at the rear end of the event. But I know I'm never too late ..

Im new here and I believe I'm not too late for the initiative. Hahaha.

Om er wat meer over te lezen.

This explains all the tweets about this I saw last week. :p

Btw the "Ask the Hive" community would love to have these kind of posts if you wanna give it some more usability.

I actually thought of posting in 'Ask the Hive' but was not really sure if this kind of prompt post fit into that community but will definitely consider it next time.
Thanks for stopping by :)