How I turned 1100 Hive into 27877 Hive! - #HiveismyWorld

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In early April this year, after the Yuchen Sun takeover of Steem I began liquidating my entire Steem holdings into BTC (best decision ever!)

At that time I also took the opportunity of a very high Hive price to sell my 1100 liquid Hive to BTC (0.1164725 BTC to be exact).

Sun Hive Butterfly.png
[I just bought the NFT full .gif of this artwork from NFT Showroom.]

I always felt a bit guilty about this as #HiveismyWorld (thanks @cryptographic for the Hashtag) and my investment in it is much more than financial.

It started out just as a place where I could blog without censorship and own my content.
I still do that using @peakd for desktop and @ecency for mobile.

After almost 3 years Hive has become an important community to me where:

  • I've made many friends from all over the world and the political spectrum;
  • I debate the issues of the day in a civilised environment not available anywhere else online;
  • where I game on @splinterlands and invest in promising indie games such as @exodegame;
  • where I buy art on @nftshowroom;
  • where I've obtained a good percentage of the signups to @jpbliberty's #cryptoclassaction against Facebook & Google's ban on crypto ads;
  • where I follow and discuss finance on @leofinance;
  • where I can be a geek on @stemgeeks ;
  • where I discover information hidden by the mainstream media on @informationwar and from other users;
  • where I advertise things I have for sale on @hivelist; and
  • where I've now become a witness.

In celebration of 2021 and all the great things Hive has given me I decided to sell that 0.1164725 BTC and buy Hive with it.

I have written this whole post while waiting for my BTC transfer (with $5.60 transfer fee) from my wallet to Bittrex to complete, which just demonstrates one of the big advantages of Hive - fast, fee-less transactions.

I have now bought 27,877.865 Hive for that 0.1164725 BTC.
This is a 25x return on the 1100 Hive I sold in April.

On Hive Power Up Day 1 Jan 2021 I'll be powering up this 27,877.865 Hive to take my main account to almost Orca status (and my overall Hive stake to well into Orca territory).

If you've got this far I want to reveal some "inside" information about how our plans for the #cryptoclassaction may boost Hive's currently languishing price.

I am close to getting the Judge to certify that I have a prima facie case against Facebook & Google for cartel conduct.

Once I get this I should be able to get a "No adverse costs order" so I can continue the lawsuit without the risk of having to pay millions in legal costs.

I will also be in a good position to get an interim injunction forcing Facebook and Google to stop banning crypto ads (they still are).

If this happens, Hive and other cryptos that compete directly with Facebook and Google's core products will be able advertise again.

Offering disenchanted Facebook users the chance to earn on their content and interact in a civilised environment where they are not being manipulated by algorithms should be attractive.

Hopefully someone with great marketing experience will put together a crowdfunded campaign to advertise Hive on Facebook. @jerrybanfield's campaign in 2017 and early 2018 was super effective and pushed the Steem price to $6! Hive can get there again.

I'm also seeking Court orders for free advertising on Facebook and Google for crypto projects like Hive.

Imagine what can be done for Hive with that!

Please vote for my Hive witness. (KeyChain or HiveSigner)

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That's what I call a "killer trade"!


ADD: And it sounds like the lawsuit is going to do something similar! Good luck with continued success there. Who said one person can't make a difference!


When I first started preparing this case against FB & GG almost everyone said I was mad. "They have the best competition lawyers in the world blah blah blah.

Now it seems our case, big as it is, is just one aspect of a much larger cartel that Texas and many other states are going after.

There seems to be a new anti-trust case against them by US States, the FTC etc etc almost every second week these days.

Great to hear your story, and well done on your achievements on Hive and your nice trade there. And thank you for putting so much effort in to this fight against the mainstream social media platforms. I lament the poor Hive price and have lost hope in it ever climbing. But if you think it has a chance, then I will carry on posting with hope for the future of Hive, which is such a powerful tool and blockchain overall. The Hive price should be much higher, it is radically undervalued now.

Thanks for your lovely comment.
Don't be despondent about the Hive price - see it as an opportunity.

The reality is that current Hiveans are very early adopters of the third wave of paridigm shift that blockchain tech is creating.
First was BTC - first real digital money; then ETH anyone can make their own money & new form of fundraising; third is DApps - Web 3.0.

I appreciate your insight and optimism, let's push Hive to new heights.

A big bee for you

What a great achievement and what a great way to say you love the platform. I will power up again and well on my way to 25.000 and after three years without the btc opportunities just the library of britts life i am proud to say my hiversary is in a day.

Congrats on the upcoming power up , the orca waters and the fact you set such a great example.


May 2021 be great and the judge grant the prima facie case in your favour, have a great New Year’s Eve ,

Thanks Britt for your lovely message and support.
That's a cute Bee.

Ofcourse and when you power up today and move on in this new hive year things will be better and hope the price will go up



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Thanks for your kind words. Consider me for a witness vote and Happy New Year.

Well the BTC price has certainly gone up.
Hive will follow eventually.

Yes I saw , and I know the alts will follow, and hive aswell I am in here for the long haul. But I do wish I had the one I had 4 years ago , but only look ahead I say, have a great weekend

I have to thank Jerry for that marketing campaign, that's how I learned about STEEM in the first place. Even though I do not agree with his methods and I stopped following soon after I joined, I'm still here almost 3 years later, and I have been very active here.

If the Court orders for the free advertising goes well please contact me, I have access to the Hive's Facebook page. Here are my contact details.

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Hi Eddie.
That's a very interesting story you have.
The reality is that marketing that many people find distasteful actually works.

I've sent you as Discord friend request. You can contact me directly by email at [email protected]

haha I was gonna say yeah you sold it for Bitcoin.

This is what I told everyone to do, yet once again I don't take my own advice haha :D

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Yeah, at the time I felt a bit guilty for not buying Hive with my liquidated Steem but BTC was clearly the right choice.

Yuchen Sun is a complete arsehole but his shenanigans ended up making me a nice return on my 2 years of Steem blogging and creating a properly decentralised and community driven chain in Hive.

Sometimes bad people can end up changing the world for good by accident.

Reminds me of the Biblical episode of the ancient sorcerer Bilaam who was paid to curse the Israelites but instead God forced him to bless them.

A nice trade. It is always good to see those who are able to amass more Hive doing it. That is what will start to next phase of Hive progress.

Spreading the wealth out is vital.

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I hope one day I'm able to post about what a great buy in price I got on Hive. :-)
But even if I'm not, Hive is worth more than money to me.

I hope we have an increase of the HIVE price on Altseason . I agree that perhaps some marketing is needed but not Jerry’s

One day Hive will become an "overnight success" and a "instant sensation".

There are heaps of projects with great crypto tech out there but very few with a large, committed and active community, even fewer with a community that includes non-geeks and brings people into crypto via non-financial avenues like gaming and art.

In the end that is what will count.

Yep, that's what I also think...the point is WHEN 😃

 2 years ago 

@jerrybanfield's campaign in 2017 and early 2018 was super effective and pushed the Steem price to $6! Hive can get there again.

Jerry’s campaign in no way helped bring the price to $6+.

A new exchange listed Steem & SBD, outsiders with little understanding of Steem bought SBD instead of Steem and raised the price a bit, more started to fomo over this and likely had no idea SBD was suppose to be pegged at $1, then it started to snowball as payouts were going through the roof.

At the time there was 15x less SBD printed. It was a perfect storm of ignorance and fomo. Conditions that would never happen again most likely.

Jerry had no part in any of that.

Jerry didnt help much of anything from what I could see.

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The evidence is very clear that @jerrybanfield's campaign on Facebook from June 2017 to end Jan 2018 pushed signups, engagement on every metric and's Alexa ranking to record levels. Never seen before or since.

We have documented this at every step from the ads to the millions of views to the click throughs to the big increase in signups and engagement.

The evidence is very strong. Price may have been also affected by other factors but the Banfield Campaign drove engagement. No question.

Impact of Banfield Campign and Ad Ban.png

Also Facebook advertising was much more effective than Google advertising.

I know Jerry's style is not everyone's cup of tea but it worked - no question.

 2 years ago 

I don’t doubt it increased sign ups, no one else was marketing at all. It was however not in anyway related to the massive spike.

It was however not in anyway related to the massive spike.

That's a pretty dogmatic conclusion on your part based solely on one speculative theory and no other argument, and almost as if one necessarily excluded the other.

Nicely put.

 2 years ago 

At the time Jerry wasn’t even advertising during the spike and it was very easily traced to Upbit listing of Steem/SBD

An exchange listing is nothing without lots of new users interested in the platform and wanting to buy on exchanges.

A new exchange listing may have played a part but millions of new people finding out about Steem from Facebook ads clearly drove demand in all sorts of ways.

Its quite simple - advertising drives demand and Facebook advertising is the best advertising another social media network like Steem or Hive can get.
Facebook & Google are trillion dollar businesses precisely because advertising on their platforms works really well.

As has been proven time and time again - the superior technical solution will not win if its marketing campaign is much weaker than inferior technical solutions.

The Hive community needs to be ready to start advertising on Facebook as soon as I can get Facebook to agree to it or the Court to order it.

I am not a marketer but I've done enough legal work with marketers to know what a difference a good marketing campaign can make.

 2 years ago 

An exchange listing is nothing without lots of new users interested in the platform and wanting to buy on exchanges.

It is when people who don't know SBD is a pegged asset and start fomoing over it. It happened the within minutes of the Upbit listing.

I am 100% in agreement we need advertising and marketing, we have none and have almost always have had none. But I am completely confident in saying Jerry had now influence on the pump.

Marky the most ignorant people about exchanges,SBD, Steem and market prices are precisely those who have signed up recently, one theory don't deny the other.

The spike could be triggered for the Upbit listing, and yet people who was newbie back then could have confused all that episode of upbit and thought that Steem would be skyrocketing.

The main point and the important one is: we really need advertising

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Congratulations! That was a great trade :)


Were you able to get your Hive out of Bittrex? A week or so ago I know that Bittrex had frozen deposits and withdrawls from their internal Hive wallets. It was a huge pain for me. I recently picked up some of the tokens for the class action law suit. I think it is really awesome what you folks are doing and I wanted to show my support. Of course the potential rewards are attractive too :) It sounds like you made some really smart decisions over the past year!

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Nice move but the main take is that btc soars and Hive keeps diving...
Hope you caught a turnaround point

BTC always moves first. Then alts catch up.
Hive is always going to suffer while it cannot be directly advertised to Facebook users.
But once I get the ad ban lifted Hive will soar.

Hey @apshamilton,
Sorry to jump in with something a bit off-topic.
The current HiveBuzz proposal will expire in a few days.
Do you mind casting your vote for the proposal renewal we made for 2021 so our team can continue with its work?

Thank you. Wish you a happy Xmas 🎅

I'd love a witness vote. :-)

Thank you for your support. Much appreciated.
I don't have a free witness spot at the moment, but I re-evaluate my votes regularly and I will consider yours for sure. 👍

Nice trade! Great time to turn that BTC into more Hive. And good luck with all the steps on the legal front, I sure hope that works out!

I felt guilty about selling that Hive and I wanted to take a little bit of profits from BTC's big run and also increase my Hive stake. But no way did I want to sell BTC for fiat.

This way I feel that I've brought balance to the force. :-)

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