Van Life Stories - The Alternator Adventures

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So as if the past week wasn’t enough of a trainwreck due to The market drops and Terra exploding in which I had a bunch of UST locked up in Osmosis LP, which never again… But anyway, my electrical system in the van started giving me issues.

Got a new battery, and thought that was the issue, well, I was wrong…

Good ole battery light started flashing again in which case I drove up to Autozone to get it all tested and it tested good.

Anyway, cleaned the battery terminals and tried again. This time staying close in the little town I have been hanging out in vs driving back into the city area. Well the light started getting worse. Yep, alternator…

Well with the crash and most of my money being in time lock… another lesson learned… I was lucky and found a credit card that I had never used, lol. So I went to Autozone and got an new alternator! They had to order it from another store which it was delivered pretty quick so I went to work in their parking lot.


First thing was first, had to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery.


Next was to take off my air box and sit aside. Then at that point the alternator was right there.



At that point I got it all disconnected by taking off 3 bolts and removing some connections.


Got the new alternator out and out it in the van and started hooking up connections.




Got the belt back on and thought everything was all good! Something seemed a bit off about the way the belt was sitting in the pulley, but I thought it was just an after market thing. It cranked up and I was super happy!

Well I went driving around to test things and everything seemed all well and good again…


I drove across town to the gym I like to go to and after my workout and shower, I left and started down the road…

Flap flap flap flap…

Oh shit!

I pulled off the next exit from the express way and looked under the hood. Apparently the pulley was too narrow for the belt and it started to shred the belt… FML 🤦‍♂️

So I was able to make it another mile down the road to another auto parts store, not the same chain as I got the first one from though so that was a whole other thing.

Anyway, realized there are 2 different models of alternators for that van and the previous store gave me the wrong one.

So I buy a new alternator and belt this time, and start to go at it again.

This time was WAY quicker than before because I knew what I was doing, lol. At least with the alternator. The belt was a while different story, lol. But thankfully there are YouTube mechanics, lol. So the whole thing took me about an hour and a half… the Second alternator was only a 20 minute install this time.

This time everything looked right, and I now had even more of an education on how my van works, lol. I learned where different pumps are and that it’s actually pretty easy to work on aside from the sharp ass fan blades cutting my arms, lol.


But it’s all good. Builds character! This is what a man’s hands are supposed to look like. These are the hands of someone who isn’t afraid to learn things and get them dirty!


But we now have success!!! A new, and correct sized alternator. Got the big 130 AMP one because I charge allot of stuff. A new drive belt, and a new battery!


Feeling accomplished… Finally, lol. So now it’s back to the grind of food delivery while these markets are down and I am in waiting for some site functionality from the smart contract developers for BlockTunes and PolyList! Oh yeah and to return the other alternator and the. Back to the second place to take my core and get that $40 back… lol… But it’s all done and now time to move on knowing my van is all good now!


Now I am all cleaned up and ready to go!

Oh yeah Logic NFTs launching Next week cause it’s my birthday and I’ll launch NFTs and a DAO if I want to, lol.

Until next time everyone!

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I hate when they sell you the wrong parts. Glad you got it straightened out!

For sure. Could have been allot worse, lol. The Autozone manager this morning looked and was like, yep, my dudes screwed up… lol… He said this is a teachable moment… I would say yes, lol.

WOW! That's called a series of unfortunate events ups! 🙃

I'll leave you with several lessons though:

1.- ahead of electrical appliances you don't talk about money because they spoil... hahahaha
2.- The mood helps to trigger a series of fortunate or unfortunate events...😅
3.- Never leave your oldest card unused 😃
4.- Everything always returns to its natural cause... 😇

When is your birthday? I wish you my best wishes once and for all...

Greetings Dude


Oh there were allot of lessons learned here, lol.

Birthday is the 25th. The big 40, getting old, lol.

Must have been the same chain that's in our town 🤦


Ours was an O'Riley's.. Sold us 200 alternator that we didn't need then wouldn't take it back (unused).

On a side note.. we're looking to buy a van for van life. I'm too excited!

Yeah I can't stand O'Rileys. Will not ever do business with them again after I had a similar incident but not with a big part at least.

But yes, I say do it! Van life has it's own set of expenses, cough cough gas cough...But it's the most freeing life I have ever lived.

Got about 18 more months of it myself until I go back and take over the family farm in Alabama, but I will probably still stay in the van for a bit, lol... But Alabama heat is hot and sticky, lol. Oregon is near perfect van life weather.

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