The Wordpress Plugin That Changed Everything - Plugin Optimizer


If you have ever built a website with Wordpress, you know that you can really build some amazing, dynamic websites with the vast array of plugins that are available out there for both free and for purchase.

Plugins give you the ability to add functionality to your site, extremely fast, where as it would take a development team a ton of time and resources to code it from scratch.

I look at Wordpress as the Ford assembly line of the internet. It's a way to take prebuilt functionality and put it together in a way that will serve the purpose you are looking for.

The cost of using these plugins though comes with the speed of your site. In many cases, when you start to load up and add plugins, it is adding more and more code to your site that has to be processed by the servers and browser. This can cause for slow loading times in many cases if you tend to do what I do and go big or go home on the plugins, lol.

Well, I ran across this one plugin during my search to optimize all of my Wordpress based sites, because I had literally done everything else, and found Plugin Optimizer!

The Mother of All Plugins

Not really, but it's the best plugin I have found to truly optimize your Wordpress sites. Caching and using CDNs like Cloudflare are also things you really need to do to optimize your Wordpress site, but the real McCoy is Plugin Optimizer.

What is this plugin you ask? Well what it allows you to do is set filters on different pages and posts using endpoint or URL slugs, and post types. These filters allow you to turn off or block certain plugins from running on the filtered pages! So if you have a site with a WooCommerce store, you might not need WooCommerce on all the pages. So for those pages, you would turn it off! This goes for any plugin on any page!

Now you will want to make sure that you are not turning off plugins that you need for that page to function or display correctly, so do a little and test it, then come back and do a little more until you have stripped all the unneeded plugins from running on that specific page.

Amazing for Landing Pages

For your front page, which is your site's first impression, this can seriously speed up loading times. In many cases, landing pages are designed to be fairly light weight so that they can load fast. Well with Wordpress, when you have many plugins running in the background, a very simply designed page can still take a long time to load.

Well using Plugin Optimizer, turning off all the unneeded plugins on the landing page can change the game for your visitors.

I went from the Hivelist store scoring a D on the GMetrix speedtest to and A!

It also allows helps speed up the backend automatically for you making it easier and faster to work on the admin side of your site. This is great for things like the Hivelist store that has a big multivendor backend.

Changing My Wordpress Game

This has completely changed my game on all my Wordpress based sites and I have actually become a bit addicted at seeing how much faster I can make the sites.

I did find an issue with the post type not filtering out for individual blog posts and WooCommerce products, but I have contacted the developer and they are looking into the issue on their end as well.

But anyway, I HIGHLY suggest that you make this apart of your base Wordpress install on every site!

Check out the plugin information here:

They also have a video that I will include here that explains pretty simply how it works and how the filters work. This video is from the developer YouTube page and can also be seen on the above linked page.

Hope you find this helpful in your Wordpress development!

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nice one

Getting A on speed test is a pretty tough job if done manually. It reminds me of decreasing the size of images just to get B. A useful plugin indeed. !1UP

It's been a game changer

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