Content Explosion in Artificial Intelligence.

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in practical challenges this sheer quantity of hand craft assets and content used by evern medium scale contemporary games can be daunting move around the world convincingly, Artificial Intelligence agents drown on library of animation effort are needed necessary to maintain the given level of desired fidelity.


some other asset can impose limitation the resistivity of Artificial Intelligence, if the audio recording are used for verbal communication an Artificial Intelligence character is restricted to speaking only the lines that are recorded.

even without the limitation of evoke over recordings, text for dialogue can represent the significant volume of context. Artificial Intelligence agent to interact meaningfully around the surrounding world the agent needs a selection of points of interest knowledge of making use of them.

the most valueable approach to addressing the problem lies reclaim the procedural generated contention comparable algorithm is used to augment direct human creativity relegating some portion of the context generation problem automated and repeatable overhead the content diminished dramatically.