I just can't make altspace work for me...

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Well I tried.

I got my mike plugged in, headphones connected, all tested previously, pretty much everything else shut down on the Mac Book to minimise the total load.


1st Altspace attempt

Entered the lobby area no problem, could see about a dozen people standing around in various places with speech bubbles, noticed my mike thing was flashing when I spoke, wandered up to said people, tried to interact, couldn't hear anything.

Had a bizarre conversation with one person in which I think they could hear me but I couldn't hear them - I tried saying 'shake your head' 'nod your head' but it always looked like he was nodding - maybe that's the headset's limitation, I think they had one on.

Maybe they could hear me?

I did unplug my mike as an experiment, then I could hear, but then there was no chance anyone could hear me.

I logged out - which involves having to do a hard turn off of my Mac Book because otherwise I'm stuck in altspace.

2nd Altspace attempt

Much the same - this time I went around looking for the 'sign in' places mentioned in the instructional post - I couldn't find anything - I did manage to pick up a couple of objects I didn't want.

Tried teleporting to the mainstage, couldn't, neither could two other people who were trying to do the same, I think, I had no way of asking them, still couldn't hear anything, or know whether I could be heard.

I logged off again, as in physically shut down my computer

I don't think I have the right gear for this

I'm guessing this is just the fact that altspace doesn't work on on the Mac - it does say when you download it's in BETA.

Or it could be that I don't have a VR headset, or an all in one mike/ headphone unit.

I'm sure it works for some people, I'm so the overall experience is no less exclusive than a physical hive fest which costs $1000.

So best of luck to everyone who gets the tech working!

Maybe see you at the next one!

But I'm still glad I didn't buy an Oculus Quest!

I mean the experience may have worked with that (it may not!) but giving $400 to Facebook for 6 hours of entertainment, that's just wrong on every level, it's like doing the opposite of practically everything that will be discussed.

So I'm kind of consoling myself with the moral high ground!

Have fun if you can make it work for you, for me, for now, I'm out. TBH I don't want to do too many manual resets on my Mac so I'm done trying!

I might go check out the live streams.

At least I had fun making the avatar.


Tried 2D Altspace on Windows 10. Struggled with it for about 3 hours ( was stuck in the first area/ lobby ) most of the time, had to restart the app a dozen of times. I could not get a badge ( did not see the computer ) and couldn't teleport. Audio worked but the rest didn't.

It was pretty frustrating and I eventually ran out of energy and good vibes before the last talk had ended. No after party for me.

Glad I didn't buy a VR set, as these kind of experiences aren't much fun for me.

At least I got my badge at last, after tapping and punching my screen a number of times.

Nice. How did that make you feel? :<)

I made almost the same experience. I was able to have some conversations but couldn’t register and was therefore not able to join the events. I really tried but it was impossible to interact with the registration computer. I will try again tomorrow and hope for a wonder or kind of personal enlightenment 😉

I don't know what's wrong with it?!? Do you have a head set? Or are you in 2D?

I am also in 2D. I think the problem is that I am not able to register and link my Altspace Account ot my HIVE account. Therefore I am not allowed to join the presentations. Would be nice to find some help. But i only found some people with the same problem or some that don´t had the problem but no clue what to do.

We have had some direct links sent via email - that might help gain access without having to link your Hive account?!?

The links are working and I attended some of the presentations. Good that they found a workaround.

Ah good to hear!

But they lost me yesterday, I can't be bothered with it now!

Isn't that telling though? There must be loads of people that arrive here, have no idea what's going on, can't figure out the tech, and leave.

It sure felt like a metaphor for ( being a newcomer to ) the platform / the blockchain in general. I felt like a total noob out there and no matter how helpful people were on Discord, it didn't solve the technical issues that I had.

It's why I didn't even bother trying on Saturday.

I was on my macbook and was able to do everything just fine. Odd how it seems a lot of people experienced problems.

How strange, it defo wasn't working very well with mine! Is your's a Macbook Air or Pro tho? Mines' the cheap one, the £800 Air.

It really didn't like Alt Space!

Oh yeah I have a newer 13 inch pro that's probably why then

Well at least it works on that!

It's mostly working for me on a Windows 10 screen. I did try it in Steam on Linux, but it never started up. I can talk to people, but some thing do not work, such as the presentation slides. Others can see them.

I had a weird thing when I first went in that every avatar had the same name. It was okay when I tried again. I am not sure if it counts as cutting edge technology these days, but it's not perfect.

For me it's better than no event at all. It's a shame not everyone can join in.

It's good that it's going on at all, so I'm glad it's working for some people.

I must say though i've got a slight problem with everyone buying Oculus quests for it - it's hypocritical. Totally.

I wasn't going to buy more hardware just for this even though VR is cool. The experience in 2d is okay. Just being able to meet up with people is fun.

I couldn't meet anyone, I had a shit time.

Thankfully I've had a good week in real life so it's no big deal!

That's a real shame. I think most people got something out of it. I think people need to set up other opportunities for Hivers to get together. I was on a Zoom chat with some a while back. There are plenty of ways to hook up these days.

It's good to try these things out.

I have a feeling we're in the 'Betamax phase' of VR - or maybe even before that, give it 10 years and it'll be liquid!

Liquid VR? Is that wearing 3D devices while being in the water?

 last year 

Pretty sure it’s not you. HiveFest rooms and features didn’t work at all for me.

Other non-hive events worked perfectly fine. Go figure. How typical of Hive to not work wherever it goes.

Mine seemed to work ok, all rooms, portals, the check in thing...It's odd that it fully works for one and yet others have almost total failure.

I don't know if I'll try again tomorrow, but at this point I at least want my badge! haha
windows 10, 2D, got into lobby fine, could hear people, but couldn't register or teleport.
I tried updating (someone mentioned there was a new update yesterday) and I tried turning off speech bubbles.
At one point I actually got to the "you are going to teleport" notification but the whole thing froze... oh well. i watched it on youtube

At one point I actually got to the "you are going to teleport" notification but the whole thing froze...

Seemed you got one step further than I. Same here, Windows 10, 2D. No badge computer, no matter how many times I restarted. Also updated the app and tried a bunch of things, no teleporting. Tried for about 3 hours on Day 1.

Talked a little but many didn't seem to see me, hear me or where invisible to me instead.

I should have watched it on YouTube or a live stream instead. Gave up after another hour of struggling on day 2.

For me it didnt start at all , i tried a few things , but the life stream was fine

I think maybe it just depends on your hardware?!?


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I struggled to. I did speak to one or two people before my old laptop crashed - and the old laptop is the only one that is letting me speak without a mike. THe new one, which is better and not crashing won't let me speak to anyone.

I'm sure it's fun for people with the right kit.

It's all been a bit of an epic fuck up I think. I'm just glad this is happening mid-bull run, it's embarrassing.

I'm glad YOU said it! I've been trying to not be sweary about it.

I can’t get my badge and I can’t go anywhere outside of this campsite. I’m ok with just talking to people but now there’s just one guy here who says “no hablo ingles”

Sounds like you had a better time than I did!

Ha, by the time I got there today there was no one there at all, and just me talking to myself, so I'm ever sadder than you.

I have seen a number of posts on hive post. May be as its first time going on virtual word and will impoved next time...