My First Trading Hive Dogecoin (part 2)

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So I have advanced a bit on the second version of my Dogecoin Hive trading bot using Hiveengine...


Some bugs \o/

Fortunately, I have encountered some bugs and blocking issues using the Hiveengine CLI, development without bugs is like an odorless cheese !

So yes, I succeeded to process my first bid with success, but after selling some Dogecoins, my SWAP.HIVE balance is not showing in the balance command result ... Even several days after the transactions proceeded. And I have also an unknown token BUILD balance which is appearing but which is not shown by the Hive-engine web interface (but anyway I stacked it !).

hiveengine -d balance --account=myaccount

screen hive.png

screen hive 2.png

And icing on the cake, when I retrieve the sellbook of some tokens (e.g: LEO), the result is incomplete.

hiveengine sellbook LEO

screen hive 5.png

I have tried some Discord chans to request some help ... But I confess being a boomer, I'm not very familar with this new way to chat...

But All We Need Is Python !

So let's mix my PHP code with some Python snippet scripts easily copied handcrafted from this marvelous documentation :

vim scripts/

screen hive 3.png

vim scripts/

screen hive 4.png

screen hive 6.png

WOW I know Python ! This time everything works like a charm, the sellbook is complete and the wallet tokens balances are now all shown properly.

We made it !

The bot is now buying and selling Dogecoins in real time on the hive-engine exchange wouhou !

screen hive 7.png

The bot now in production, it's now time to expand beyond horizons. Now, I have to leave you, it's time for me to do some big cleaning and refactoring so we can apply easily this logic to other tokens. Stay tune, I'll be back ...

screen hive 8.png

I hope you all enjoyed reading my explanations about my first Dogecoin Hive trading bot and wish you all great success !
Please, feel free to express your ideas and recommendations.

Hive and Dogecoin community TO THE MOON !



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