Building a new music studio.....the beggining!

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Now we have 3 studios between us but we always have had one that was our secret headquarters where we tended to meet and write. However I recently moved house and at the moment the SUBs are kind of homeless with no where to work. We still are mixing and finishing in another studio but SUB HQ is being desperately missed. I thought I would start doing a blog about what we are doing to build a new studio.

The space

In my new house we have room to build a studio at the back of the garden. After working in lots of studios we now prefer to work near home. We have enough space to build a studio 7m x 4m there which should be big enough!

This is the space at the moment:


The spec for the basics....

We have set down with a friend of ours who is a builder and started to cost and spec the space. We plan to have one end for music and the other end for filming. We really want to do alot more filming work so though this would be a good opportunity to set up a dedicated space for us. You can see it is broken down by 8 stages. probably gonna cost somewhere in the region of £22k




Other stuff

However this is just the basics we will probably once the shell is built look into the accoustics of the space and then build in accoustic treatment so make the sound of the room sound good for recording and monitoring. The other thing we will do is look at lighting rigs on the ceiling for the filming as well as having a dedicated animation space. We really will need to control the light!

We are just working out some other equipment we will buy as well, might as well have some new shiny stuff to go in it! We will be posting about this too over the next few months as well as trying to do a few time lapse videos. This is very exciting times for us!

Big up the music

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This gonna be a fun project to follow.
I've been wanting to turn half my garage into a studio for years now. But thats gonna take my adult son (who doesnt live here) removing all of his crap out of MY garage, lol.

Kids, they never really fully leave the nest do they?

lol what my mum and dad did when they were moving is every time they came for a visit bought one or two boxes of my stuff from the loft! you could do the same....

Now thats an idea.
But I would need to show up in a truck everytime. LOL.
I have a 4 bedroom/2 story victorian house. He has stuff in every room except the bathrooms. And 1/2 the garage. So it would take a lifetime box by box. Lol.

lol well take 3/4 boxes at a time...

First time seeing a tutorial how to build a musical studio! Interesting

Awesome. My kind of post! Can I just ask why you're not building straight off the existing decking frames and joists. They ought to be 4x2 and 3*3 posts and you could strengthen if needed. It just seemed a shame to go the time and expense of digging all the existing footings out.

will dig the footing in and there are height restrictions for this kind of build in the uk.....'s going to be a great build and a great space. Best wishes fellas :-)

thanks very much hope it will be awesome!

Will become some great posts too until its finished :-) always wanted to have sonething like this for writing and creative stuff !ALIVE

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yes happy days I have always had a studio to work in so it is odd not having one for a few months!

Exciting stuff! I’ll be watching the build process with great interest! With the current energy crisis I was wondering if there is anything you can do with a new build like this to make it extra energy efficient?

Yes will be cool. We only gonna play accoustic guitar and bongos while wearing coats and scarves.....very energy efficient....also planning to put solar in early next year! We will also be adding more insulation alongside the accoustic treatment which will also help!

Sounds very 'eco' - I'll have to get a solar or wind generator for my modular...


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Maybe I missed the room height... Are you following the golden ratio?

w = 1.6(h)
l = 2.6(h)


err no fibonaci is our designer

Possibly the same thing... The golden ratio is derived using the fibonacci sequence 🔥


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