Which New Feature Would You Like to See on Hive-Roller.com?

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The Hive-Roller.com site has been a wee bit more active over the past few days since the latest patch, with a few new investors and players joined up and becoming part of the community. While the site is still very much in a state of online alpha testing the recent improvements have received quite positive feedback and with that a renewed ambition to continue working on the site to develop it into something stand out in regards to the Hive ecosystem. We're not there yet, but with every update we get closer to full launch.

My question to anyone who uses the site and is reading this, is which of the following functions listed below would you like see implemented into the next release of the site?

Chat Rainbot

The chat rainbot would be an addition to the already existing site faucet, which would function to provide HIVE prizes to those active in the trollbox. Users would be eligible to receive payouts of HIVE ranging from 0.001 to 1 HIVE just for being active in the chat and randomly selected for a prize. Writing short spammy comments in chat would lower users chances to get picked for the rainbot prizes and those typing constructive sentences or helping new users in the chat would be rewarded for being active.

Referral System

Many users have inquired about a referral system on the site in order to monetize their promotion of the website. While the exact details of such a system have yet to be worked out the referral system would likely be based off of a certain percentage of the referred users loses being added directly to the referrers account. Not only would this encourage people to promote the service (which I'm not entirely sure is ready to get a bunch of advertising exposure) but would also have a side effect of drawing in more users.

Due to the current alpha state of the site it is debatable if the site is ready to handle such an influx of users that may come with adding this, although if the community wishes to have this added certainly would entertain the idea.

Hive-Engine Token Implementation

Turning the site into a multi currency enabled platform is something that is on the roadmap however requires a vast amount of code rewriting in order to make a possibility. Support for Hive-Engine tokens would allow users to utilize the various tokens created by the community and would also allow for things such as gambling Splinterlands decks and DEC. The development time it will take to implement multi-currency support on the site is nothing to underestimate but would certainly create an interesting situation and create a use case for tokens that were added to the site. A listing fee to have the token enabled on the site would be the primary way to get your token included with the listing fee yet to be determined. This is one of the more exciting features to me personally as it opens up a lot of opportunity to increase users on the site both on the gambling and investing sides.

Trollbox Enhancments

While not intended to be a replacement for discord or the other community chats on HIVE the trollbox over on Hive-Roller.com still has plenty of functions that could be added in order to make it a more attractive and engaging experience. Currently users can perform a number of commands in chat and link bets as well as link to sites.. However with an enhancement of the trollbox stuff like giphy images and emojis could be added, as well as functions to facilitate raining HIVE to active users on the site if big winners choose to do so. Having a readily accessible social aspect to any service is one way to help build and retain a player base, which would be a wonderful outcome.

More users investing and betting means more HIVE changing hands ultimately leading to making the site more attractive to the different types of users that utilize it.

Your Idea Here

Have you got a neat idea for the site that you'd like to see makeit in to a future release? Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below. While only being a one mand development outfit always open to taking suggestions and feedback from the community in order to improve user experience for both gamblers and investors. Share your ideas, you never know, it could end up on the site with mention of your help in the design process somewhere.

Online Alpha Testing Disclaimer

Hive-Roller.com is online and running for those who are willing to come check out the online alpha testing development phase of the site. By no means does the current state of the site reflect what the full launch version will end up as, but as you've likely realized development is actively happening, so keep that in mind when using the site. Bugs are found and patched quite regularly and site crashes are not unheard of, however throughout the day and night I try to keep an eye on everything to make sure no issues are happening. Due to the experimental nature of the online alpha testing phase it is advised that you only deposit, play or invest with HIVE that you can afford to lose. Everything within my power will be done to ensure funds are safe and that the code pertaining to the betting and investing is bulletproof.

With all this being said though no responsibility for lost HIVE on the site can currently be claimed by me. Use the site at your own risk, you are an alpha tester on experimental software and it's greatly appreciated when people report errors or bugs they encounter during their sessions so troubleshooting can be done to fix things.

The site currently runs best on Chrome browser on laptop screen resolutions or greater. The mobile version of the site isn't entirely viable at the moment although iPad users may be able to play without problem. Mobile phone users may have issues with the display currently and I apologize for this. On a side not the Hive Keychain registration and Login needs a rewrite, so if you've found yourself locked out of your account previously accessed by the keychain extension get in touch with me and we'll get access to your account restored.

If you've not check the site out yet, come register an account and I'll tip you a free HIVE to test the site out. You may bet it, invest it or withdraw it.. Although I'd prefer you use the HIVE to learn to use the site.

Please provide your ideas on what should be implemented next in the comments below.
Thank you for helping me test the site out and reading this development post.

PSA Note: Steem-Roller.com Closure

Anyone with funds still on Steem-Roller.com please withdraw them. Users will have till the 31st of this month to withdraw their funds, after that I'll be manually withdrawing funds for them with a 10% fee, with remaining Steem being sent to the account from which it was sent (with the exception being users who deposited from exchanges, they'll have to get a hold of me and specify an account to route their funds to. Steem-Roller.com is shutting down ASAP due to the


What i want is a win big button.

So that when i am losing, i can hit the win big button and so end my losing streak.
(of course this never works, its called gambling for a reason)

If you're doing martingales the win button is disguised as the deposit button.. Deep enough pockets you can win any series.. At least until you hit the max win amount which is around 900 Hive a roll currently.