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It's a new day and another user leaked their private keys on the Hive Blockchain !!

They accidentally COMPROMISED their...

private OWNER key

HOW: in a post edit operation published to the Steem blockchain:

@bibekchandra I re-set all your keys and sent them to @guiltyparties. Reach out to him on Discord to prove your identity and redeem the account:

I had to reset them manually because the automated operation failed:
Errors during processing of operation in block: [{"ts":"09:10:13_Sep-4,-2020","error":"3 attempts done. Unable to reset found compromised OWNER Key for bibekchandra ❗ ❗ ❗ Proceed manually. Cause: Error: HTTP 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable

Will investigate futher..

Compromised account stats:

  • Reputation: 55

  • Followers: 811

  • Account birth: June 2018

  • Last Post: 9/11/2019 2:07 PM

  • Funds:
    5.380 STEEM + 95.639 SP + 0.999 SBD
    Estimated Account Value: $ 21.71

For more info about my keys protection activity see:

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Take care!
@keys-defender / @gaottantacinque

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