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RE: Introducing the Hive Power Up Month - Let's grow every day!

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My first reaction?

Then my second thought was that I need to chat with @bulldog-joy to see if we can coordinate something for the @hiveblopomo initiative I do every April and November (Hive Blog Posting Month, the blockchain version of the worldwide NaBloPoMo challenge). So fair warning, Anna - I plan to shout out soon! 😊

My third thought is, as always...


Hi Traci, I appreciate your feedback. 😄 Shout out if you like, here is my Discord: bulldog-joy#7793.

Thank you Traci.

@bulldog-joy's post has been of great inspiration and she immediately agreed when we asked her to borrow her idea.

Wicked awesomesauceness all around! 😊

So much awesome, in fact, that it inspired me to create a new gif... 😂

Wicked awesomesauce gif 🤣

Thanks, and apparently I expended all my brain power making it, because I completely spaced that when I shared it in my reply to @revisesociology, it was on this same post! 🤦‍♀😂