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RE: Hive Whale - Make it spray and get your badge!

in #hivebuzz3 years ago

Yay! I finally caught the whale when it wasn't dark! And holy cannoli, Batman - that was quick! The ink had barely dried on my GIF when I noticed my badge was already awarded - nicely done, @hivebuzz!

Hive whale spray.jpg

(also, is there a way to save the actual gif? I was only able to grab the still... it's probably something obvious I'm missing... 😜


Okay, answering my own question... LOL!

I just saw the memo in my wallet, thanking me for the donation, with a link to this awesomesauce gif. Thanks again, @hivebuzz and @roelandp! ❤️ 🐳

Hive whale spray GIF.gif

Cool spray @traciyork. Enjoy your new badge!