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RE: Hive Whale - Make it spray and get your badge!

in #hivebuzz3 years ago

@hivebuzz @roelandp ~ I did a spray a month ago to celebrate my 3rd anniversary on the blockchain. I was able to see the spray on the webcam (yay!). I never got the badge, though.

Also, the website had a listing of all the people who had recently paid for a spray, which I thought was cool, and the GIFs of their sprays were there underneath. I refreshed the page a couple of times to see my GIF added to the gallery, but it never was added. Shortly afterwards, the website seems to have changed and none of the listings or GIFs are there any more. I thought maybe the website was being rewritten, so I said nothing, but it is still that way, a month later. What happened to the GIFs and the list of 'Recent Sprays?' 😕

Here is my transaction:

The whale is awesome! I did an online search and read about it and the other whales that are part of the same art project! It's a fabulous initiative! 😃


Better late than never, asked @roelandp to check it 😀

the website should still be updated to support after HF24... thx for pointing out. It's unfortunate but true that due to Hardfork there had been some issues with HiveWhale (me lagging to update the script)

I will lookup your donation and refund right away.

Also,.... Unfortunately you have to wait to Northern Hemisphere spring again, as the Whalefountain is now out of order: In hibernation across winter, to preserver the internals for the rough seas (even in the harbour).

Sorry for the inconvenience, and asking some patience for you to retry the Hivewhale next year when it comes out of it's wintersleep again :)