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RE: Hive Tour Update - Account creation and Account Recovery steps

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I would inform you as soon as I have a question regarding the test account! πŸ˜… Thanks again for the account you spend an Account Creation Token for! 😁

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No worries mate. If you have any friends that would like to try HIVE, don't forget to call them in and let them know that is very easy for anyone to get a free account.

Some of my real-world friends don't want to provide their phone number to register to any online website (such as the #HiveOnboard service for joining Hive "free"), for fear of "spammers" and "prank callers". πŸ€”

Ask them to call me then... via the millions of social media options that exist! =)

Many of them use only one or two social media platforms, and most of those users barely reply to posts and personal messages on those platforms. 😐

yeah... maybe you need to understand what would captivate their attention first. Can't generalize interest anywhere these days.

Testing !WINE

When my post or message would potentially make them earn money, they suddenly become "no longer busy". πŸ€”πŸ˜

Yeah... I know that kind of deal. One day I will show them why I stoped messaging them.

You reminded me of a lot of people who do just that to me. 😯 Anyway, when I showed D.Buzz to some of them and how it differs from popular social media platforms, they quickly told me that