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RE: HiveBuzz Ranking update - New key indicators

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Proposal is upvoted‼️

Greetings olllieeee
My lastest project #aim



Oh wow thanks for your support @olllieeee!
cheers, liz

Hey Liz

It was my pleasure .. 🍾🥂

By the way, as I read your comment ..
A name of an old pub (tv comedy) popped up into my mind ..


If you know this TV Serie, then you will guess, how excited I was as I found a copy of this pub ..

But not in New York,NY,USA 👉 The copy was build up in Grafenwöhr, Germany ‼️

Okay .. It was near to an US Military base, but all who loved the 70' TV serie, freaked out as they saw the 'Cheers-logo' ..

Greetings/Grüße olllieeee
My lastest project #aim