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RE: Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from day 10

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Yay, I'm still in there! Thanks for the update. Way too easy to forget one day. I should set up some alarms or something.
Good luck to everyone.


I have a daily todo list and powering up is at the top of it!

Good luck with the rest of the month!


I'm usually not that organized, but maybe I need something like that. !lolz
Thanks and good luck to you as well!

I've been through a lot of different organisation systems such as various todo list apps.

For being organised without it becoming a chore I recommend a simple single note (I'm using SimpleNote right now but anything will do - including paper!)

And then I have a short list with anything from 3-10 items on it. And I write DONE next to them when they are done.

For some reason for me this beats all the more complicated options out there.

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