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RE: Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from Day 7

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Hola @hivebuzz, espero estés bien.

Debo comenzar diciendo gracias por tomarte tiempo para realizar este comentario, adicionalmente debo manifestar que alcanzar esta insignia ha significado programar mi alarma y hacer un papel visible para no olvidarlo el trajín de mi día a día (ja,ja,ja). Estar entre los 48 participantes me pone nerviosa pero me impulsa a no olvidarlo, espero nada se interponga en el objetivo propuesto y podamos los 48 ser merecedores de este nuevo distintivo personal.

A todos, felicidades por estar activos en la dinámica, esperemos sea un mes de grandes éxitos y bendiciones..



Hi @hivebuzz, I hope you are well.

I must start by saying thank you for taking the time to make this comment, additionally I must say that achieving this badge has meant setting my alarm and make a visible role not to forget the hustle and bustle of my day to day (ha,ha,ha). Being among the 48 participants makes me nervous but it makes me not forget it, I hope nothing stands in the way of the proposed objective and that all 48 of us can be worthy of this new personal badge.

To all, congratulations for being active in the dynamics, let's hope it will be a month of great success and blessings...


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Wow, this is absolutely amazing and the best way not to forget anything.
Well done @keco 🌹