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RE: Feedback from the July 1st Hive Power Up Day - ATH Volume record!

in #hivebuzzlast year

Hello @hivebuzz. Awesome achievement for July. I'm happy to have been a part of this record-breaking Hive Power Up Day. It feels great to know that you helped accomplish an inspiring initiative.

Also, thank you so much for the Super Power Bee for my 1K power up.

Finally, I certainly appreciate the delegation for my continued participation. On to August 1st.

You do a fabulous job keeping the stats in order. Thank you for that huge task.

Have a good day everyone and a great start to your weekend. Take care.


Hey @justclickindiva, thanks for your feedback and your nice comment!

We are happy to read you, as always! It's nice to see that's you have goals and you reach it 😄😊👍

Have a good day too and a nice weekend! See you soon 😊