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RE: Hive Power Up Month - Quick feedback

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Thank you for your comment @malomi.

1.- Many depend on the rewards that the post generates for their daily life.

We know that. That's why we added the alternate option of powering-up 1 HIVE instead of using the 100% HP on posts.

2.- They are busy with personal commitments and work agendas.

So this challenge might not be for them. We want to reward Hive's commitment.

3.- Maybe they don't fully understand the HP & badge relationship.

This is a good opportunity to learn

4.- That they can't make power down in the month if they participate.

It would be too easy to powerdow then powerup back to earn the badge. Once again, we want to reward people with their "skin in the game".

... take into account in the next month a minimum ... add more things to the challenge

We already provided people with the opportunity of making only a few "100% posts", or even none.
We do not want to set the bar higher (adding rules) so that the challenge remains fun, easy to understand, and accessible to as many people as possible.

Good luck for the next few days.
Un abrazo 🤗


A big hug 🤗 We continue in the challenge 😀.


A big hug 🤗 We continue in the challenge 😀.