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RE: The Hive Gamification Proposal

in #hivebuzz2 years ago

Yeah this is a no brainer. But maybe thinking about selfsufficiancy like advertising on your website. Because the traffic on the website would be very high. High traffic could lead to big revenue what you could convert into the hive system. This would be the same with all the websites like etc. The heavy servercosts of steemit was covered by those costs was told. So setup the advertisement on your website it will be forgiven and it would be as @exyle said once an external revenue stream.

I know you reward new users and users who build their account but only depending on internal resources is very dangerous I don't want to lose you.


Thank you for your support and suggestion @hans001.

Advertising is a solution that has already been considered even that does not have our preference. We put a lot of effort to give our website an attractive look and feel and it would be painful to see it disfigured with intrusive banner ads. This does not prevent us from thinking of alternative solutions

I don't want to lose you.

You will not lose us. We have already survived for almost 4 years. We are committed to stay alive!