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RE: Hive Tour Update - Account creation and Account Recovery steps

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Maybe add to the description that changing the recovery account takes 30 days to be effective, and I am not 100% but I had the impression that while is not effective, if the user changes keys, the process will cancel, so I always do it after changing keys (in case I need it).


If I had another Hive account I can use, I would have tested changing its private keys while its recovery account is being changed. 🤔

Yeah... I have done it multiple times but I can't recall. I can create an account for you to play with if you want... let me know the account name and I can send you the password (which has access to all keys) via encrypted memo to this account you are replying from.

Thanks for your offer! 😀 How much are you going to charge for it? 🤔For creating a Hive account, BlockTrades charges 4.1 HIVE, BDVoter charges 3.0 HIVE, while Ecency charges 0 HIVE (but #Ecency's service is subject to availability). 🕵️‍♂️

I would like to have a Hive account with username @savvytester for testing purposes. 😅 I will immediately tell you what happens if I change its private keys while the process of changing the recovery account is still ongoing. 😀

Anyway, have you tried to help recovering another account (or much less likely, recovering your own account)? 🤔 I would like to try that on the testing account too after 30 days. 😁

Account created... use your memo key to decrypt and you should have all keys:


this account does not have any delegated power... so if you need RC to do actions, you can delegate some HP to your new account... like 10 should be more than enough to start.. to make it work.

Any questions let me know. But remember to change your keys. By default, I am your recovery account, but you can change that.

I know about the need to delegate Resource Credits to new accounts, changing the private keys once I obtain them, and setting the recovery account. 😀 I just want to test some things myself on a test account. 😅

Go for it... let me know any questions. 🙃

I would inform you as soon as I have a question regarding the test account! 😅 Thanks again for the account you spend an Account Creation Token for! 😁

No worries mate. If you have any friends that would like to try HIVE, don't forget to call them in and let them know that is very easy for anyone to get a free account.

I just tried to change the private keys of my new testing account @savvytester while there is an recovery account change underway. 🤔 My change of private keys succeeded without affecting or being affected by the recovery account change! 😅

The next thing I would try is to recover the account (resetting the private keys) after the recovery account has changed to mine! 😁