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RE: Feedback from the June 1st Hive Power Up Day

in #hivebuzz2 years ago

this is awesome! :)

I powered up 300 hive yesterday, but for some reason it didn't register. There was still about 30 minutes left in PUD when I did it - did I do something wrong? @traciyork


Hey @dreemsteem!

I don't have my raw data from Asher yet, but it looks like you got the @hivebuzz badge yesterday so your power up definitely registered! If you also did a post with either #HivePUD or #HPUD, then I should see your name pop up on my list, which would then mean you'll see it when I post my unofficial results in the next day or so. 😊

ohhhhhhhhhhhh - i didn't know we needed to do a post! hehehe
darn - ok - i will make sure to do it for next time LOL

thanks @traciyork! :)

You're very welcome, @dreemsteem! And I know it's a tiny bit confusing because there are actually three similar-but-different initiatives that support Hive Power Up Day -

So now you have all kinds of info for next time! 😂

hehehehe yes - and i'm so ready!!!! LOL

I love projects like this - they are fun to support and help everyone! great job with it hehehehe