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RE: The Hive Gamification Proposal

in #hivebuzz3 years ago

You know you'll always have my support. This is my favorite community booster to increase early retention rates of new users on the blockchain.

Question1: Can anyone recommend some options for updating my delegations? I have not figured out how to do this on Hive.

Question2: Also I am majorly confused what to do with my old steem tribe tokens. Are there any tutorials recommending what to do with the them? It seems like a messy process to trade them out individually at a forced loss for the exchange to profit from, but I'm not using Steem anymore.


Great @creativetruth! We very much appreciate your support!❤️🙏
1.I know that on peakd wallet you have an option to delegate to people. Also at bemee: you can see your current delegations and update them.

For your second question i also would have to investigate 🤔 Sorry I can't help you with this. We have moved on from steem a long time ago.

cheers, liz from hivebuzz team