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RE: Hive Power Up Month - Feedback from Day 7

in #hivebuzzlast year

I simply do not receive enough liquid rewards to participate. I do get over 1 HIVE a day in curation rewards, but those rewards are automatically powered up. With the recent price increase, (basically at the $0.50 level), liquid rewards pretty much dried up for any post. Dollar wise I may get more on the few post I make, but I get a lot lot less HIVE.
curation first to seventh.png
With curation being auto powered up (23.658), my vote power continues to increase thus my curation rewards. If it were not auto powered up then I might be tempted to ship some of it to Hive-Engine so the auto power up for myself is good.

Still one day I may be able to get that badge, like the 1000 HP level Bee Badge, it is just temporarily out of reach.


You do not need that much reward to participate. Just use the 100% HP payout mode for your posts.

I am not an everyday poster. I do comment every day, I do vote every day, and every day I get curation rewards of 1 plus Hive. Those curation rewards are powered up automatically. If they were not then I would be able to manually power them up every day if I chose. I like having them auto powered up though, it removes the temptation to not power them up.